Called the Garden of Calabria. Its name refers to the place, or the beautiful mountain, where it rises from 

1270 by Charles I of Anjou. 

A different hypothesis is that it derives from the name of Marshal Angevin Dragon Beaumont who erected the castle to defend from nearby Amantea. 

Throughout its history, it is worth mentioning, during the regency of Prince Antonio Pignatelli, the minting of the famous "pure Belmonte", a true numismatic rarity. 

Medieval village, Belmonte Calabro Belmonte calabrosi located in the province of Cosenza and is situated on a rocky hill in a pleasant form of humpback, which extends over an area of about 2,065 hectares, 262 meters above sea level sea.

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The idea of ​​building hotel seemed to be the egg of Columbus: In fact, in other experiments has proved particularly suitable for enhancing villages and towns with historical centers of artistic and architectural interest. 

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